Former NFL Player Michael Jackson, 48, Found dead in Bike Crash

Motorcycle crash killed Micheal Jackson

A terrible news coming out of NFL, Michael Jackson, a former wide receiver announced dead in a car – motorcycle accident on Friday. He was in his hometown, Tangipahoa, Louisiana, that time when this tragic happened.

Jackson, who had played many good games for the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Raven was only 48 years old.

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According to the police report, he was driving way to fast than normal speed limit around the early dawn at 1 am. He was driving on a highway when a driver reversed out of his driveway into the both lanes, according to the police.

The driver got killed too in the accident when the Jackson hit the side door of the car and went flying in the air, as stated in the report.

“Our hearts today are crying because of the saddest news came out involving Michael,” Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome talked after the accident report.
“Michael was a vibrant person who also was the one of the first Ravens heroes and a famous player in Baltimore fans. His big smile has attracted many fans to the game and made his fan and the welcoming nature toward his fellow players and to the raven’s officials.”

Former NFL player, Jackson was in the stars list for the Ravens after the franchise was made back in 1996 from Cleveland. And in the very first game of the Ravens’ season, he made total 14 NFL touchdown catches.

“One of my non-forgettable achievements was watching Michael Jackson develop as a wide receiver after I retired from the game,” Newsome said.
“When I become the part of the Cleveland Browns’ scouting department, my first time working in as receivers involved Michael in that group. I evaluated probably half-dozen guys, but Michael was the one stood in favor for me, and I can say he was an amazing player because of his speed and range. He then became a sixth-round pick of the Browns, and I watched him evolve into an impactful receiver throughout his career in Cleveland and Baltimore.”

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots coach who was the head coach at Cleveland when Jackson was on the team in 1991, expressed his condolences in a statement later Friday also.

After retiring from the NFL, Jackson served as the mayor of Tangipahoa from 2009 to 2013.

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