Sulley Ali Muntari put allegations on FIFA and UEFA for not taking Racism Seriously: Left the Field in between Game

Sulley put allegations on FIFA and UEFA

Sulley Ali Muntari warns the league officials, that he will again walk off the field while putting allegations on FIFA and UEFA authorities for not taking racism seriously.

Sulley went off the field leaving the team behind claiming he got racially abused during the Serie A game.

In an interview with famous BBC, Muntari, a 32-year-old player said that the racism is now everywhere and now taking the worse shape of all time and we all should who get attacked by this should come in front and fight against it by the strike.

“I have been through hell; they acted like I am some Criminal,” The ex-Portsmouth player, Muntari said in the interview.

“I  Stopped playing and went off the field because I saw it’s not right for me for being racially abused and stay in the game, which somehow shows that I am tolerating all this,” he told this in the interview.

Although, Sulley got one match ban after asking Daniele Minelli, the referee to stop the Italian top-flight game at Cagliari on 30 April.

The international Ex-Ghana player alternatively got called in the 89th minute of the match, but something happened which lead him to leave the pitch as a protest sign, later he got the Yellow card again.

Later the FIGC (Italian Football Federation) reversed the ban by saying they have considered the “particular delicacy” of the case.

But Sully warns the officials that he will do it again if I faced these circumstances again.

FIGC’s anti-racism advisor, Fiona May said that this incident is destroying the image of Italian football’s image in the global world.

On the news, Medhi Benatia representing the Juventus’ Club Morocco currently as the defender, has left the interview in the middle on Sunday, after hearing the racial comment in his earpiece.

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