PCB attacked on BCCI for Ignoring the MoU by filing a Legal Dispute Notice against them

PCB against BCCI

The Board of Control for Cricket in India is again in the news, and again it’s not a good news for them. This time PCB against BCCI on MoU agreement.

According to the Pakistan Cricket Board, BCCI has broken the Memorandum of Understanding, and now they have sent the legal notice to them on Wednesday. PCB is now seeking compensation for the loss of revenue from the Indian Cricket board because they didn’t honor the MoU signed between them in the presence of International Cricket Council (ICC).

A deep source in PCB has confirmed the media reports that the official Legal notice has been sent to the BCCI office on 3rd of July, 2017 (Wednesday).

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“The legal notice has been prepared and now officially sent after our legal advisors consulted a reputable law firm in London and now we have developed a strong legal case to get compensation from the Indians,” the source said.

In 2014, a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed as an agreement in between India and Pakistan Cricket Board supporting the ‘Big Three’ governance and then financial model in ICC.

In the long legal notice, PCB has pointed many things out which includes that how didn’t honor the MoU, despite it was signed in the presence of ICC officials.

Pakistan board also claimed that they have lost a pretty good revenue because of the repeated refusal to commit the MoU from the India side.

The PCB will now decide its next step and what they have to do in the direction of getting justice after they received an official response from the BCCI.

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