This what you Get for Giving 92 Runs in 4 balls – 10 year Ban – A Decision by Bangladesh Cricket Board

10-years ban in Bangladesh Cricket

There are a lot of news coming out of Bangladesh Cricket Club in past few days and in the continues on that path another news update has been released by the National board on banning two Bangladesh Bowlers. Club Cricketer named Sujon Mahmud, who also went viral not long ago by giving more than 90 runs in only four balls is now facing the 10-years ban in Bangladesh Cricket.

Sujon is not the only cricketer who’s facing the ban, Tasnim Hasan, another club cricketer is also facing the same 10-year ban because he did the same thing like Sujon, in which he gave away more than 60 years in only 1.1 overs.

There are various people came out to comment on this situation and here is the Sheikh Sohel, a BCB director out of three directors of the special committee comment on why these players are facing the ban and why these players did this.

According to Sheikh, the two bowlers did all this intentionally and on the orders of team management.

While talking to ESPNcricinfo, he said “Giving runs like this on just 4 or 7 balls shows it was all intentional move to harm the image of Bangladesh cricket. It was done intentionally to tarnish our image around the world. From the first day, I have said that we won’t tolerate such things. It was a crime,”

He also added “A bowler won’t be able to do such a thing without the order of their team management. There was no match-fixing in this, not that they got any money for doing this no brain thing, but from the whole investigation we put on this matter came out with a result that it was done to hurt Bangladesh cricket reputation,”

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