Footballer earns big money after signing up new contract deal with their clubs and endorsement companies. They spend a big budget of their yearly income by the sport on pricey cars, jets, and possessions. Today we’ll talk here about the ten footballers who have an expensive plane where they travel. Cristiano Ronaldo bought two personal jets which bring him on top of the list alongside arch-rival Lionel Messi.

#1: Cristiano Ronaldo: Cost of Private Jet ($65 million): Gulfstream G650:

Cristiano Ronaldo Gulfstream G650

Cristiano Ronaldo who is well known as the wealthiest football player in the world buys jet (Gulfstream G650). The plane got twin-engine business and jet plane produced by Gulfstream Aerospace. The market value of Gulfstream G650 reported being $65 million. The plane can fly in the range of (12,960 km) with a high rate of (982 km/h). The business built nearly 300 jets till April 2018.

#2: Lionel Messi: Cost of Personal Jet ($25.9 million): Embraer Legacy 650:

Lionel Messi Embraer Legacy 650

Lionel Messi owns the company class personal jet (Embraer Legacy 650). The jet for the first time produced in the year 2002 from Embraer ERJ 145 family. According to sources that the airplane (Messi) possesses price ($25.9 million). The airplane can fly to the top array of (6,060 kilometers ) and its high rate maximum (834 km/h).

#3: Zlatan Ibrahimović: Cost of Private Jet ($27 million): Cessna Citation Longitude:

Zlatan Ibrahimović Cessna Citation Longitude

Zlatan Ibrahimović signed among the priciest contract following David Beckham at MLS league. Ibrahimović owns private jet that will fly at the range of (6,482 km). The plane is manufactured by (Cessna) it’s a super mid-size business jet project.

#4: Paul Pogba: Cost of Private Jet ($24.5 million): Gulfstream G280:

Paul Pogba Gulfstream G280Paul Pogba who recently moved from Juventus into Manchester United possesses a personal jet. The jet (Gulfstream G280) marketplace price is $24.5 million. ) The French soccer player traveling in his enterprise course airplane. The airplane got twin-engine business jet constructed under license by IAI in Israel for Gulfstream Aerospace. The jet could fly in range of (6,667 km) with the top rate of (900 km/h).

#5: David Beckham: Cost of Private Jet ($26.6 million): Bombardier Challenger 350:David Beckham Bombardier Challenger 350

David Beckham who retires from soccer but still making big money from the endorsement deals he’d signed. According to soccer resources Beckham owns private jet (Bombardier Challenger 350) in which he traveling with family & friends. The airplane price is ($26.66 million) at the market.

#6: Neymar: Cost of Private Jet ($25.9 million): Embraer Legacy 450:

Neymar Embraer Legacy 450

Neymar Jr journeys in his own private jet (Embraer Legacy 450). The expense of this Legacy 450 stated to ($15.25 million). The company class private jet can fly from the array of (4,260 km) with maximum rate upto (1,017 km/h).

 #7: Wayne Rooney: Price of Private Jet ($20 million): Dassault Falcon 900LX:

Wayne Rooney Dassault Falcon 900LX

Everton forwards (Wayne Rooney) travels in his own personal jet (Dassault Falcon 900LX). The company class jet aircraft created by Dassault Aviation. The cost of the jet estimated around $20 million. The aircraft has a capacity of (6 passengers) it could save your gas and time. It may fly up to range (4,750 km) with maximum operating speed (370/350 kids).

#8: Gareth Bale: Cost of Private Jet ($13 million): Cessna Citation XLS:

Gareth Bale Cessna Citation XLS

Real Madrid wing forward (Gareth Bale) possesses expensive private jet (Citation XLS). The jet comes with a turbofan-powered, built by Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita. The plane can fly in the array of (2,100 nm) together with the top speed of (441 ktas). The most amount of passenger capability is 9 persons.

 #9: Karim Benzema: Price of Personal Jet ($11 million): Cessna Citation CJ4:

Karim Benzema Cessna Citation CJ4

The French striker Karim Benzema owns (Cessna Citation CJ4) personal jet. The company aircraft jet can fly at the utmost selection of (2,165 nm) using rate of 451 ktas. The plane got capacity for 10 persons maximum. The jet attribute like a single point, an externally serviceable lavatory, and exceptional array deliver.

#10: Alexis Sanchez: Cost of Private Jet ($9.45 million): Gulfstream G300:

Alexis Sanchez Gulfstream G300

Alexis Sanchez who recently become highest paid premier league player with a yearly salary of (Number 26 million) annually possesses personal jet Gulfstream G300. The jet aircraft could fly maximum range up to (3820 nm) using the maximum speed of (500 km). The company class jet includes two team members room with maximum capacity of (13-16) persons.


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