Lionel Messi searching for mercy after Four match ban in the FIFA World Cup 2018 Qualifier

Messi four match ban

Lionel Messi, the Argentina captain, appealed to the FIFA after Messi four match ban hit the news in World Cup qualifier when he insulted a referee’s assistant.

The Five-time winners of Ballon d’Or given a four long match ban in March after he Verbally attacked and assaulted an official when they were playing against Chile in the world Cup qualifier on March 24.

After this incident confirmed by the Video, they are not expecting an immediate result because FIFA panel doesn’t give verdicts immediately, as they use the week to come forward in non-urgent cases. Although Messi’s Lawyer, Juan de Dios Crespo has told the ESPN FC Radio in Argentina (107.9 FM) that the Messi‘s team presented the defense in their case and “left feeling satisfied with the appeal.”

Crespo confirmed to Telam that they are trying to put that ban much shorter as possible from four to one match, which he already served as punishment.

“I think it was a tremendous work done by us,” said by De Dios Crespo. “Fifa officials told us not to comment much in public on this matter until they put out the result in the form of decision.”

“Case should be studied now, and the decision will come out until next week from FIFA.”

According to FIFA rules, the player gets four-match bans for the unsporting behavior with any official. Messi already has his one-match ban when his team Argentina lost by 2-0 in Bolivia in March. Now the next match is due on 31 August at Uruguay.

Lionel Messi is also facing a current banned for home games too which is going to play against Venezuela on 5 September and Peru on 5 October.

The runner-up of the 2014 World Cup is right now in the 10-team of the South American group with only four matches left. And now in line with a November playoff against a team came from Oceania, like to be New Zealand.

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