GST impacting Sports Lover on their Pockets with a Big Bang

GST impacting Sports

A Bad News striking down in the market and seems like its effecting everyone and Sports lover also comes under it. GST will be impacted the cricket fans on their pockets since July 1. The next time the cricket fans go to the stadium to watch the match, the match ticket will be a bit bulky in your pocket. After the GST impacting Sports increasing the tickets for games which will come up to 28 per cent of the tax scope.

How GST can affect your love for Sports

However, there is little relief for Team India’s fans that GST will not be a burdened by the Indian team’s matches with foreign teams. Yes, the high and sparkling league matches like IPL will hit the highest 28 per cent tax.

At the same time, tickets for BCCI or Hockey Federation events will come in slab by 18 per cent. Another relief for sports lovers is that tickets up to Rs 250 will be outside the realm of GST. However, tickets at this price are very low in stadiums. Apart from cricket, tickets for this price are seen only in other sports.

The matter of relief for sports lovers is that there was a provision of 28 per cent tax on organizing the first sports organizations, but in the meeting held on Thursday, it was decided to reduce it to 18 percent. If GST Council had not decided to change it at the last moment, then all the matches organized by BCCI in India, including Tests, ODIs and T20 matches, but 28 percent tax and game lovers go to the stadium to see the match compared to earlier Much expensive.

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