Anil Kumble’s Resignation LETTER – See What’s the Main Point

Anil Kumble's Resignation letter

Anil Kumble, chief coach of the Indian cricket team, quit his post on Tuesday between alleged multilateral differences with captain Virat Kohli and thus ended the bitter end of his successful tenure.

Main Points in Anil Kumble’s Resignation letter

Kumble apprised the BCCI of his decision, which later confirmed the resignation letter of this former captain in a brief statement.

Kumble’s year-long contract ended after the Champions Trophy, but BCCI officials gave him the option to go with the team India to the West Indies tour on 23rd July for an ODI series starting on Friday.

Anil Kumble has written in his resignation to know its key points:

  • Kumble has written with his resignation in which Anil Kumble expressed his gratitude to the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) for reassurance of his head coach.
  • At the same time, the team of Team India’s success has given credit to India’s Captain, the entire team and supporting staff.
  • Kumble wrote in his letter, the captain had objected to my methods and he had an objection to being a coach. The BCCI told me about this yesterday only, which surprised me because I always respected the boundaries of the captain and coach. The BCCI tried to come between them and try to sort out the misunderstanding between the captain and me, but I have found that the situation cannot be improved now, so I resigned from my post.
  • Discipline, trust, honesty, I have always given preference to subjects. I picked up all the things that could be necessary for the team’s interest.
  • I am thankful to the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), who told me to stay as a coach. Whatever success the team has achieved in the last one year, its credit goes to the captain, the entire team, and coaching and support staff.
  • I promoted the spirit of professionalism, discipline, commitment, integrity, and togetherness in the team. In my perspective, the coach’s job is to show the mirror so that the team’s interest should improve in itself. Due to the skepticism of the captain, I felt better to step down from the post.
  • In the end, Kumble thanked Cricket Fans BCCI, CAC and hoped that the tradition of great cricket will always maintain in India.

It is noteworthy that the BCCI had invited new applications for the post of chief coach a day before the start of the Champions Trophy. Kumble got a direct admission in the coach selection process.

The others who have applied for this post include Virender Sehwag, Tom Moody, and Lalchand Rajput.

Now to see who gets the command of Team India, all eyes are on it.

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